My server email is not working

After successfully setting up Cloudflare for my site, my emails are not working anymore, and it is not responding to my hosting server. I cannot send and receive emails.
I read a tutorial on community, and tried to fix the issue, but still not working!
My Domain:

Assuming that you didn’t mistype your domain, you have conflicting MX records:

$ dig +noall +answer MX       300     IN      MX      1       300     IN      MX      14       300     IN      MX      45       300     IN      MX      100

The options you have there, would be:

  1. Remove Cloudflare MX records, if you want inbound emails to go to the server you’re pointing A/AAAA records of to.

  2. Remove the MX pointing to, if you want inbound emails to go to Cloudflare’s Email Routing.

Cloudflare Email Routing is for receiving only, you cannot send messages through Cloudflare.


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