My server can't reach the site on cloudflare


My website is gostream_co , which located in this server ( let called it server A )
From server A, I do " curl ‘’ " , sometime it can get website content, sometime not. Please check screenshot :
It show “Recv failure: Connection reset by peer”

I tested from another server, it work fine, no error.
I tested from server A, different sites (using cloudflare, too), some sites has the same error, some sites not

I added server A to Cloudflare IP Whitelist, no help.

Does anyone know what’s problem ? I happen from yesterday.


So basically you request the site from the server hosting the site? This might trigger Cloudflare’s security, but generally I wouldnt expect a TCP reset but rather an HTTP message. Could it be an intermittent network issue? Maybe try opening a support ticket.

In the meantime you could add an entry for your domain to your hosts file pointing to localhost. That is probably the second best option anyhow, the first being avoiding HTTP requests at all. Is there a reason you need to make an HTTP request?


thanks. Edit the hosts file do the trick for now.


How can I create ticket ? I don’t see it anywhere. I has the same problem with another site (not mine), so I can’t use hosts file


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