My Root Domain A Record keeps reverting by API


My Root Domain “A” Record keeps getting updated by an API to my Public IP Address.

I keep trying to change my A Record IP Address to point to Hostinger (My Website Hosting Service.) But after 10 Minutes, it changes to my personal public IP Address. I don’t do any hosting of my own in my own network. Most of my services I host are internal only and are not routed as a subdomain.

Cloudflare audit logs keep saying this is being changed by the Interface “API.” So I went into the security settings and changed both API Keys. But same thing keeps happening. After about 10 minutes, my website goes down displaying Error 522. Why does the API keep changing this?

I have looked at multiple threads but none of them seem to fix my issue or be exactly my same issue.

Thank You!

Are you using ezoic by any chance?

I’d change your password as well

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I am not.

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You know what, I think I found the culprit. It wasn’t listed on my account, But I logged in as another user in the structure and it appears there is a token for HomeAssistant, which also included permissions to edit the DNS. I revoked it’s permission to edit and now read only and now I shall see if it changes.

It’s unfortunate that I could not see all the API Tokens as an Admin of the account.

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Thank you for the update, I have made a note to look at your account and will do so.

Are you the superadmin on the account?

Well the account it was created under was the super admin. But the account I was logged in as is an administrator.

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