My remote users drop at least 5 times a day randomly

Not sure if it’s a configuration issue but on any given day regardless of ISP the connection will just drop while they are working and they are forced to log back in. Some days its a few times a day others its could be 7-8 times there is no set time it happens. I removed one user out of the zero trust group to bypass this and not one drop so I know it has somethign to to with the product. Of course I’m on the free version so support won’t help. Hoping a smarty pants here can help. :slight_smile:

Can you help me understand what the issue is… are you referring to a remote work environment that is powered by ZT and RDP? Or is WARP just generally unstable?

Thanks for the reply
Yes when using ZT and RDP. If I take ZT our of the equation no issues. Sorry not overly technical so not sure if WARP come into play or where I’d find that out in my setup as it was setup prior to me being tossed to the wolves.

Probably not the answer you are looking for, but I believe that instability comes with ZT. We had a similar setup at work, and employees complained about RDP connections frequently dropping and showing a “reconnecting” message.

I believe this is an effort to prevent nodes from being saturated, so the cheaper/free plans are moved to different nodes, and that’s what causes the bad experience. I believe this occurs in the enterprise as well, just less frequently.

If you have a ticket, support will most likely ask for some diagnostics and other information, but based on my experience, it always comes to a dead end.

ZT is excellent at bringing to the general public what was previously enterprise exclusive. However, it has some drawbacks, such as the connection being incredibly unstable for RDP.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I sort of wished I just had to do a few teaks and away we go but I understand. We were forced by our cyber insurance to hide our IP from all the bad apples out there and thought this would be great since we are a small outfit of 30 users and it was free under 50. To satisfy our insurance I guess I should look elsewhere or figure our how to hide our IP to satisfy them at renewal time so we keep our policy in good standing.

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Hi all! I’ve flagged this to our Zero Trust team, who say they will need detailed logs to investigate. Would it be possible for you to send me the tickets you’ve raised, so I can make sure they are adequately investigated @jnperamo?

Unfortunately, I’m not certain how I can get logs from you @ketchabaw given that free users literally cannot make technical support tickets. Let me look into it.


Yes that was my dilemma. I didn’t open a ticket as I can only use this forum as we are under 30 users. I did call sales to see if I could pay on a per ticket request but they said I could not. Anyways feel free to reach out to me I can post my email address if it is appropriate so I can pass along whatever is needed.
Thanks for all your efforts. Jon

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Hi @ketchabaw my colleague @jon_from_cf asked if I’d move this to a ticket. You should have received a copy of 2713666. Sorry for the issue you’re facing.

Thanks Yes I received a ticket in my mailbox. I’ll await to hear from support and move from there.