My registry settings always reset

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I have a problem. Currently I changed my email server. I updated the records on Friday. On Saturday, my settings returned to the previous server. Yesterday I updated again to the new server. Today, the settings are back again. I don’t want to have to change my settings every day to be able to receive email. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this? Thank you very much.

Hello there!

Did you ever share you credentials (or any of the various API keys/tokens) with some third party?

This to me seems some kind of automated settings sync. You might be able to glean some info from the audit logs, too.


Hello, thank you very much for responding. I believe you are right. Currently I had to log in with my cloudflare account at an advertising company. I logged out and then logged back in. I hope this fixes it. I’ll wait and see what happens. Thank you very much. =) !!!

Never, ever, do this. Change your password immediately, enable 2FA, and roll your API keys, while checking no API tokens you have not created exist.

Third parties should ask for API Tokens, scoped to the permissions that they need.

I may have some hunch about who they are, can you share the name to see if it correlates?

I doubt it will be fixed, if you logged back in.


I think they are safe. It’s ezoic, an adsense partner advertising site. There you have the option to associate cloudflare. I disconnected and reconnected because when I connected the first time, I was still on the previous email server. Therefore, if they saved it, it was saved with the records from the old server. So maybe by disconnecting, this was erased.

I would recommend you avoid Ezoic. They are using a deprecated and no-longer supported program by Cloudflare which is inherently insecure.

They should not be using any “certified partner” language anymore until they update their implementation.


Issues with Ezoic’s implementation aside, the important thing to understand is that the records in Ezoic will replace the records in Cloudflare, so it is paramount to make all DNS edits from your Ezoic dashboard.


Hey guys, thanks so much for the tips, suggestions and warnings. It seems like everything went well. I’ll keep an eye out. You are amazing. Have a great week. :cupid:


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