My registrar does not support DNSSEC, should I...?


I am using the CF free CDN service for my website, but my domain records are managed with 123reg (well actually its a hybrid setup, NS’s are CF along with a few specific entries on the CF side).

I just looked into enabling DNSSEC, and 123reg support responded with “what’s that, never heard of it, don’t support it, sorry”. Which puts me in a position to reconsider if I need 123reg at all (other than domain lease renewal) and whether I should look to consolidate or move to better pastures.

Perhaps some of your more experienced CF members can advise:

  1. Beyond the obvious, what are the Pro’s of migrating my domain to CF for all DNS function?
  2. What are the cons of migrating my domain to CF?
  3. Is there any other considerations I should take into account?

I am UK based, so naturally picked a UK company to start with, but I have to admit, both in a professional and personal capacity (this is related to the personal project), the overall experience with 123 Reg has been average at best.

thanks in advance,

If that’s what really said, I’d believe you already have you answer. Take your domain and find another registrar and do it quickly :smile:

If a registrar is not aware of what DNSSEC is, you really don’t want to do business with them, but first maybe clarify if this was not a misunderstanding.

Are you talking about transferring the domain or just using DNS? If it is the latter, you’ll still need a registrar which supports DNSSEC if you want to use it.

Same question, isn’t it?

Regarding what?

Which TLD are we talking about? If it is a .uk one, then you won’t be able to transfer to Cloudflare anyhow and you’d need to stick with your current registrar or find another one which supports .uk (plus DNSSEC).

Cloudflare only supports a limited set of TLDs at the moment and its registrar service generally is still somewhat limited. If you don’t want to transfer the domain and just use the DNS service, then that’s a whole different subject of course.


Thanks for the prompt response @sandro.

Yes, that’s what was really said over a phone conversation. We went as far as sharing the details required to setup the DS record via a support ticket. They deliberated for a while, then said, no we don’t support this.

I am talking about transferring the domain to CF, so domain and DNS records are all in one place.

The TLD is com. I wasn’t aware that they have a limited TLD support, the marketing certainly paints a different picture source although admittedly it isn’t mentioned, but I would have thought UK falls under common, if not that then within hundreds more…

From the cons perspective I meant any limitations of service/support and/or features using CF as the registrar and primary DNS management for the domain. For example with the current vendor I can raise a support ticket, but I could also call or live chat with support if urgent. I’m not aware how CF operates with customers who are not buying premium CDN service packages from them.

They had an initial goal of adding a lot more TLDs, but things seem to have slowed down quite a bit.

The biggest limitation is that you can only use Cloudflare name servers for domains registered here. Support is the same as it is with regular plans here.

I’m somewhat 50/50 with registrations. I really like a couple of other registrars, so most of my domains are elsewhere. But there are some I have here just for convenience.

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@sdayman care to elaborate/name drop?

I’ve read good things about Namecheap (who support DNSSEC) and also reading up on OVH. Anyone else I should consider?

I like Porkbun as a small boutique shop, and Gandi as a big player.

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I am surprised, as that is part of the core business of a registrar, but in that case I’d seriously consider a switch.

Having everything in one place is admittedly convenient, but the registrar service still is somewhat limited at this point, so personally, I’d probably rather keep it separate.

In that case you could transfer it.

I am afraid no, as far as country-specific TLDs are concerned you only have support for .io.

This is one of the reasons why I am rather advising against, as this is all not very well defined and Cloudflare is currently trying to outsource most of the support to the forum. Apart from that you probably won’t need much support, because once it is set up it should mostly work and apart from DNS there is not much to configure at this point.

@sdayman already mentioned two registrars, I am using Porkbun myself, Gandi has a vast number of supported TLDs but is a bit pricey for my taste. Another alternative would be Dynadot, they seem like a reasonable choice as well, though I have no personal experience.

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@sdyaman @sandro

Thanks guys, I’ll check those leads out.

Appreciate you helping out a newbie here.

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