My registar and hosting are different, and I'm not sure how to set cloud flare up correctly

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What is the domain name? volcanobaseinc [dot] com
Have you searched for an answer? yes, but the answers aren’t clear
Describe the issue you are having: my domain is registered at Namecheap, but hosted with Dreamhost. I’ve tried to follow the answers here in the community, but they’re kinda unclear as to what gets entered where.

Does anyone know how to set that up?

This is a very normal situation, registrar is one company and hosting provider is another. We’ve already imported your DNS records that point to Dreamhost and are ready to go once you change the nameservers to cloudflare

  1. Login at and find the two cloudflare nameservers on this page

  2. Contact your domain registrar Namecheap and ask that they change the current nameservers to the two from Cloudflare.

Here is the current set, you want to remove all of these such that you only have two from Cloudflare

% dig ns +short

It can take up to 24 hours after making that change for the change to propagate and be active on Cloudflare.

Great #CommunityTip and #tutorial on this site and check out these two resources if you have questions.


Finally, a quick :search: or post on this site can help along the way.

awesome, i understand that part, but do i need to do anything so cloudflare and dreamhost (where my hosting currently is) can talk to each other? Like, something has to change on either the cloudflare or dreamhost side, right?

No, when you added the site we scanned and imported your dns records so once the nameserver change is made and the change propagated you should be good to go.

You may want to look at the DNS records we imported to make sure they look correct and are complete. Those records are on the same page that shows your nameservers


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