My Questions About Wordpress and Cloudflare

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  • Which one is better for page speed? minifying css and js files by using cache plugin or minifying these files via CF feature? Minifying CSS-JS files via CF does reduce TTFB?

  • If I activate Automatic HTTPS Rewrites feature, it reduces TTFB?

  • Is there any way to host locally js file of the Rocket Loader in order to reduce DNS lookup ?

  • The Rocket Loader and HTML minification via CF has negative effect on Adsense or Google Analytics?

  • I want to use CACHE EVERYTHING function. So below settings will be good for a Wordpress site? (NOTE: It is a multilingual site. So I added two ‘’ * ‘’ before and after the wp-admin url.)

For instance:

I’m not a pro user. So could you please simple clarify these questions?

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I have CF do all my minification for me. Because CSS and JS are cached at Cloudflare, that’s not going to change your TTFB on those files.

Auto HTTPS rewrites really shouldn’t come into play. It’s there to fix your mistakes if you don’t have all your schemes set to HTTPS. If anything, it’ll speed things up because it saves your visitors a redirect to an HTTPS resource.

I believe that Rocket Loader is created on the fly by Cloudflare. I don’t use it. Feel free to A/B test it to see if it improves your load time.

I don’t use Google, so I don’t know its effect on Adsense or Analytics, but I don’t expect anything do you here will harm your standing.

My Cache Everything usually goes like this:* (Bypass) (Bypass, and Security set to I’m Under Attack)* (Cache everything, plus browser and edge cache settings)


Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Rocket Loader has positive affects on my blog but it adds a external js file on the header.

Additionally you can use* wp-admin * rule only. So you can remove wp-login rule. Because when you enter it redirects you to the page that includes wp-admin in the url.

Like that:

I believe I ran into trouble a while back with caching wp-login due to a login plugin I no longer use.

I’ll drop that rule now that I’m not using that plugin and see how it goes. Thanks!

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might need to test for specific situations as @jules tested origin end minification being faster for his specific usage Minify using Cloudflare vs plugin - #3 by jules

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I don’t think it’ll affect TTFB (if CF Cached), but it can affect load time.

No luck. With everything (except wp-admin) cached, it’s giving me a cookie error when trying to log in.

It should work. Login with wp-admin link. Do not use
Because when you enter /wp-admin url, it will redirect you automatically to the:**wp-admin**%2F&reauth=1

I will try it again.

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