My previous domain hosted on cloudfare with pornography content

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this issue.
I lost a domain which was used for my business and I just realized it’s being hosted on cloudfare with pornography content. ANything I can do about it? :frowning:

Hi @nedzz, sorry for that. It is difficult to say what you can do, it’s based on the circumstance. If you still own the domain and someone is using it for their purpose, you can ask your domain registrar to change the name servers to their default name servers, that will give you control over the domain and effectively remove the Cloudflare pointers to their site.

If indeed they’ve taken the domain, as opposed to registering it as their own, please also alert our Trust & Safety team,

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Thanks coolnan.

Unfortunately I don’t own the domain anymore, I lost it due to late payment of the annual fee. But this is really bad publicity for our business if our client come across that page.

I would appreciate any suggestions you guys have.

If the domain name is closely tied to your business, you once owned it, and the current ownership is causing damage to your business and confusion to your customers, it may be worth asking an attorney if you have any legal recourse.

Please let us know how it works out, this does come up from time to time on this site, good to know what options work.


Did you eventually pay for it and the registrar gave you ownership of it once more, or did it expire and it was re-registered by someone else?

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expire and re-registered by someone else :frowning:

It looks like someone is trying to sabotage our business.

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