My posts show on readers screen with the backend menu bar showing

I was just alerted by a reader that the posts are showing up with the backend menu bar showing along the top as if they have logged in.

When I turn on development mode. The problem disappears and the posts show up correctly.

What is the problem please?

You’ve probably enabled a Cache Everything Page Rule, and…it’s cached your admin visit. The good news is that it doesn’t give users backend control, as they’d need your session cookie to do so.

This is a screen shot of my page rules.

What should I change please?

Delete Rule #5. The one with Cache Everything.

Thanks for this. I have done that.

The site keeps going down for an hour every day. Hostgator suggest the problem is caching. See below their response.

What is the setting I should put on cloudflare to resolve the problem they sate below pleae

Thank you for contacting HostGator.

After review, it appears that the WordPress installed at /home/constru/public_html was generating an excessive amount of PHP requests, which piled up, and were sending requests to MySQL, which in turn made the service crash. I have reviewed the WordPress installation, and found that there is a large amount of posts, in the order of 14,000 total. To correct this issue, it is suggested to review the following articles, which will help with optimizing your site, and getting it running as smoothly as possible, as well as configuring the suggested caching plugin.

A good Page Caching plugin should lighten the load. I like WP Fastest Cache because it’s simple and effective. W3TC is also very good. Top of the list is WP Rocket, but that’s a paid plugin.

Shared hosting also isn’t very good for heavy sites. Hopefully a caching plugin will help a bit with your Hostgator setup.

Im on a dedicated server and I thought that cloudflare handles catching so that I dont need a plugin?

There’s a lot involved with caching. Couldflare handles static file caching very well. A caching plugin will handle the dynamic content so it doesn’t overload PHP and SQL.

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