My page rules doesn't work

I don’t understand wny my page rules doesn’t work.
I want to redirect my user to my new domain.

Thank you for your help

It actually does appear to work

Notice the 301 redirect under Status at

Ok, but why i’m not redirect to saona-cases ?

Thank you for your help

Try clearing your cache, I am redirected to saona-cases fine.

Most likely the caching issue @domjh already referred to.

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Itry on 2 pc, on my mobile, reset my cache still same issue.

Verry strange, after redirection you have ?

Yes, when I go to I get redirected to

Stale DNS entries maybe? What does the site resolve to for you?

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It’s working now on my side, probably dns propagation ? :wink:

If you didnt do anything else, most likely.

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