My page is under big DDOS attack

Can someone tell me how can I block access to my site from countires ?
I just go into : IP Access Rules but then can’t block countries.
Please help me

Go to Firewall Rules
Create Rule
If Country is #### then Block
Add as many countries as you want with the “Or” option

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The “is in” operator will look much better than a bunch of “Or” comparisons.

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I dont see “is in” as an option on the right.
This is how I would do it:

What would be a better way?


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Literally would have not known or worked that out
Always assumed it was for when looking for elements of a User Agent etc…
So this works exactly the same as my previous suggestion in terms of end result?
is in

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Yes. As @erictung said, it looks better. It also is less confusing when you have lots and lots of Countries, ASNs etc. And when you start to add more and more logic to the rules it is easier to manage.


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