My page doesn't work

Good afternoon.
I am new to these issues.
Develop a page with GoDaddy and WordPress. After installing Cloudflare SSL, free, the website and administrator page stopped working.

I tried to return all the changes I had made with Cloudflare but the page still doesn’t work.

Please, what can I do to resolve this situation?
Thanks in advance

Hi @flowersgaleriausa,

Can you share a screenshot or error message of it “not working”?


Hello domjh,

Thanks for answering.

Attached image with problems of Web and WP Admin :

At the moment I am trying to return the web page to the state before associating the certified SSL with it. To then make it work, try to install the Cloudflare SSL certificate again.

I Paused SSL Certificate, set all Cloudfare Proxy Status to “DNS only” and return DNS for GoDaddy hosting. I did this 3 days ago. But even the website and WP admin still don’t work.

I would be very grateful if you could help me on how I can make the website and WP Admin work again.

My guess is that you/your host does not have a certificate installed.

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