My page does not load css

Hi there!
I was checking one of my web pages last week and I noticed that it did not load properly, I even got error 522 sometimes so I contacted my hosting provider and they told me it was an issue with Cloudflare; the web page works properly only in development mode but when I disable it only html code is loaded but no css or javascript.
Thanks for your help.

Interesting that it works in Dev Mode, because that’s going through Cloudflare. Dev Mode just bypasses caching, so it actually puts more of a load on your server.

What’s the URL for your website?

it’s ( Actually the hosting tech support guys told me they didn’t see any problem with my website but I can´t see it working well and I’ve tried on different devices from different places.

This is what I get. Before changing to dev mode. It’s not the first time this happens; It happened about three months ago and I had to change the server names to the original ones (not Cloudflare but the hosting servers) for 24 hours.

I get this on firefox

Do you get this error all the time or only occasionally? It would seem that particular resource expired from Cloudflare’s cache and Cloudflare failed to connect to your server upon trying to re-fetch it.

For me your site loads fine though

Probably a CF bug. Cache expire date is 01 Jan 1970.

The error is intermittent.

There is somewhat of a chance that your server is overloaded at that point and cant serve these requests. The other resources are likely still taken from cache, hence there is no error. Do you have a cache everything rule, so that even HTML is cached?

It is slightly odd though, that only your CSS files have expired.

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