My own domain can't resolver suddenly

About tow month ago , i bought a domain in Cloudflare and add doamin record to Cloudflare dns system . that is all good.

yesterday evening, system feedback dns resolver error. i try query my domain name through google public dns. that is show some error.

“Status”: 3 /* NXDOMAIN /,
“TC”: false,
“RD”: true,
“RA”: true,
“AD”: false,
“CD”: true,
“Question”: [
“name”: “451zone.”,
“type”: 1 /
A /
“Authority”: [
“name”: “uk.”,
“type”: 6 /
SOA */,
“TTL”: 1800,
“data”: “dns1-nic-uk-hostmaster-nic-uk 1406757750 7200 900 2419200 10800”
“Comment”: “Response from”

at the same time, i am already try to use command line nslookup tools and resolver the 451zone-uk domain name. it is feedback same error. NXDOMAIN

but, i check the Cloudflare dashborad and icann office website abou my own domain name . that domain info all is right.

I don’t know how to fixed it.

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