My original domain host registrar can't seem to find out the problem in propagating my domains

I have two domains and that I need to use for my funnels in clickfunnels. The problem is I can’t get an SSL certificate verified and I contacted the CF support about this, they have checked the process I did in connecting it in Cloudflare and made sure that I did it right, but still the domains can’t propagate as they checked it right here.
DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

That is why they advised me to contact the Network Solutions (my domain host registrar) and I did, but they only insist that it is propagating completely and send me this link,

But still it’s not working for me, even though I explained to them that it is still not working and I sent them the link that the Clickfunnels guy have sent me (the first link attached in this post), they are just insisting that it is already propagating, and they don’t believe that it is not working,

What should I do? It’s been 12 days now since I started working on this and been 6 days since the domains have been modified.


Thank you for writing.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with resolving your domain(s).

May I ask was the DNSSEC enabled on those two domains before you switched to Cloudflare nameservers?

I can see multiple DS records for both of them when I check online (or using DIG command), but missing DNSKEY so far …

Can you check if there are some DS records added for your domain(s) at your domain registrar interface (where you registered domain)?

Furthermore, is DNSSEC disabled at Cloudflare dashboard → Overview tab for your domain(s)?


Hi thank you for responding, I just checked with the Network solutions and they said that DNSSEC and DS records are active by default. but on the Cloudflare it is not active

Thank you for feedback information.

May I ask were they added by you or by them “by default” as stated?

If you did not added them, kindly ask them to remove the DS records and disable DNSSEC for your domains - some registrars have this option (maybe you can manually remove them and disable this option), so your domains could propagate and resolve correctly.

Therefore, do not enable it, keep the DNSSEC option disabled at Cloudflare dashboard.

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If I do that, should I also remove and re-add my domains in the Cloudflare?

Thanks for asking.
No need to remove them and re-add again to your Cloudflare account.

Leave your domains added to your Cloudflare account as-is.

Only your registrar needs to do the small change for your domains (to remove the DS records and disable DNSSEC if it’s enabled at their end) - by kindly asking them to do so.

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Thank you very much @fritex, I really appreciate it. :blush:

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In the meantime while we wait, after the changes will be done by your domain registrar (after you kindly ask them), we might have to wait for another 24 hours just to make sure and track the DNS propagation process.

Therefore, if there will be any other event or question, please feel free to reply here.

Later on, if it still won’t work, in case if needed, you could even write to Cloudflare Support by the ticket and we could escalate it so Cloudflare Team can check this out and provide further feedback information (or do something at Cloudflare end).

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Great… Thank you very much

Hi @fritex, I just wanna ask, cause it’s been 24 hours already since the DS records was removed and DNSSEC was disabled for both of my domains, but there is no change that happened yet. Do you think it’s normal?

It can take up to 48 hours for DNSSEC to fully clear out. As of now, it’s still there:


Ok sir, thanks for checking and for the info.

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Hi, I’m getting more concerned about my domains. I contacted them yesterday and confirmed that the DS records are all removed and the DNSSEC are disabled, but now I’m getting more x marks on the map as I checked the domains in a DNS lookup tool;

Or will it help if I upgrade my Cloudflare account from free to a paid one?

Nothing you can do at Cloudflare will change how your registrar handles DNSSEC. Except, perhaps, transferring your domain here. Or to any other registrar more determined to fix this.

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Ok, thanks again for responding to my queries.

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