My Opinion on CloudFlare Spectrum

So, I finally had the time to catch up on what the new feature added to our dashboards is. What I am talking about is Spectrum which just now became free for 5GB for Pro users (10 for business and enterprise) and I know a lot of people have bashed it for being very expensive which is true, paying 1$ per GB is quite crazy if you plan to use it how it was advertised which is by using it to protect your Minecraft server or RDP/SSH connections.

I know for a fact nobody wants to be paying 1$ per gb even if you own a massive minecraft server this will add up to tens of thousands of dollars, and for people using it for RDP/SSH if you transfer some files by accident you’re screwed.

Lastly let’s talk about the Security added, the main benefit of this service is to provide your servers with DDoS protection from CloudFlare which is a great idea but not for these crazy prices. If you look at other things CloudFlare advertises this service for such as lowering latency between your SSH/RDP server this is rarely the case as by adding more hops in your connection will only increase the latency and not to mention THE MAIN REASON this is a bad idea which is adding a public A record to your website where hackers can freely try to bruteforce your SSH/RDP sessions is quite dumb. It is safer to keep your backend’s SSH and RDP secured by IP whitelisting which is not possible with Spectrum or a VPN connection into your backends. Not to mention opting to this service just opens you up to another possible exploit, if anything happens with the CloudFlare network you can rest assured you will be affected (possible backend leaks or other exploits).

So in conclusion this service is a rip-off, decreases security and allows CloudFlare a law abiding american company to be able to log your SSH sessions, nothing stops them from being requested by an authority from recording your login keys for their own purposes.

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