My Opinion: Cloudflare Tunnel Pitch

Before I go on with my post; due know I searched for “Off Topic” in case it doesn’t align. However, the only “relation” I seen was this Tag about Tunneling; so let’s be respectable adults and just let someone state their opinion/feedback without going all Power Hungry Admin/Mod Snob.

{redacted} @ritakozlov_, @jgrahamc

In your email I received about the “Ready to build serverless applications?”; I personally think you should make a “Container” Index which we can use a terminal to create a Virtual Directory (VM) Container or Segments to allow us to create applications “one-time” for all Networks and Platforms. Mr. NetworkChuck has a video explaining this in details if you need help.

Ultimately you’ll be able to create a “hierarchy” which will have everyone’s “scripted” (doesn’t need to have a database) VD VM Container Indexes so they can generate any Virtualized System to deploy across the Workers Tunnels. Yes, this is possible— basically, if you listen to my opinions or suggestions about this; you’ll be doing “construction inside your tunnels” themselves.

I didn’t know any of this was possible either until I started running my own Servers here at home and deploying them globally with my own Firewall and Rules. Mind you, I too am a Full Stack Developer for over a decade.

If you do this, you’ll be able to protect your Tunnels and tie them into your sockets a lot more… Securely if you do it right —it’s just all Text Based Data.

Just make sure you think of your customers and not your wallet because you’ll ruin the service your offering as your Motto. If you do it right, make them prepackaged with NPM and if you can allow us to “open ports” for those running processes (like NPM) that way we can connect our UIs to our Serverless Applications. Duh.

I have faith in you. It’s easier than you think.