My opinion about ReCapcha

Ok, there’s been a lot of talk about Recaptcha (and rather than reviving 10-month-old conversions) I decided to make my own

Which ReCaptcha challenge is the hardest?
The one that looks like some dude got pissed off and banged his head on the keyboard to make a ReCaptcha challenge.

Why is ReCaptcha so frustrating?
The frequency of the challenges. It’s like you perform 1 challenge, 5 minutes later you got ANOTHER ■■■■■■■ Recaptcha challenge! And goes over and over and over!

And, as of right now I can’t of anything else to post, but, I’ll edit the post if I do!

Perhaps you meant to post this in a Google forum? reCaptcha isn’t used by Cloudflare.


Hmm… What about “Attention required” websites that give you a challenge? (or is that Captcha)?


Oh, there isn’t the problem of Recaptcha being a pain in the ■■■ on Cloudflare sites anymore?

While I wouldn’t consider that particular word as particularly outrageous, I’d still stay away from everything that is ■-y :slight_smile: - not because the word is the issue, but rather because a posting that looks as if it came straight from an intelligence service does not leave the best impression but we discussed this already, didn’t we :wink:?

As for your question, as Monsignore Palpatine already elaborated

Cloudflare is not using Google any more for that. So any CAPTCHA fun you have is proudly served to you by their competition.


“Ten thousand years of peace begins today.”


Yeah it can be annoying. That’s why I use Privacy Pass to lessen the annoyance :smiley:


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