My opinion about Cloudflare and a question

My opinion about Cloudflare

  1. It’s amazing!
  2. Easy to use, navigate and understand
  3. I feel EVERY site (with the exception of those that violate Cloudflare TOS or some other rule)
  4. No real troubles!

Now a question

  1. (In terms of the Austin location) is the connected cafe a part of the Cloudflare building or is it a totally separate building? If it’s separate I bet all you see on the Cloudflare side is a nicely tiled floor with orange stripes on the wall (the center of the room having the words “Cloudflare” below it).
Some extra content (me just talking off a little too much)

But seriously, I bet anyone that goes to that cafe is like “Damn, THAT’S a nice building!”

Do you agree with me?
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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