My one site is under bot traffic attack, and other is down,

I noticed some unnatural activities last night at 4 am. My site ( is still new. I received 24 new users at the same time from one place with a bounce rate of over 90%. The bounce rate of my site has always been under 15%. I believe it is bot traffic so I opened the firewall setting and selected “I am under attack mode”. SHOULD I OPEN BOT FIGHT MODE TOO? Are there any other steps to follow?


For my second site:
It ( is down since the last hour. Is there something wrong with Cloudflare?
I know something is wrong with my hosting, but I am not completely sure.

  1. I always have Bot Fight Mode enabled. Considering that 24 User blip was a one-time occurrence, I’d suggest you turn off Under Attack, as all your legitimate users will face the interstitial as well, and it’s annoying. Definitely worth some annoyance if it’s a sustained attack, but leave it off otherwise. (read more tips below).

  2. Something is wrong at your hosting for the second site. In addition to the tips on that page, I’ve seen that page show up if you don’t have SSL installed for that site in cPanel.

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