My new domain name has been informed to be temporarily suspended

I purchased and registered a UK domain name on Cloudflare, but was informed by the UK that the domain name has been suspended. I don’t know how to handle it now

What is the domain name?

The .uk registry requires the owner’s identity to be verified and that’s the usual cause of domain suspension if not done within 30 days of being requested.

I purchased and registered a new .uk domain name on cloudflare, but was told that the domain name has been suspended. I updated my personal information, but it still didn’t work. I don’t know how to deal with this problem now.

If you have just changed your domain details since this post, then you just need to wait until Nominet (the .uk registrar) checks the details.

I updated my information before sending this post, and I also informed Nominet at the time, but they said they didn’t see any changes to my information, so they couldn’t activate my domain name for me

I am unable to contact Nominet directly, so what should I do now to have Nominet activate my domain for me? If it cannot be activated Can I directly switch to a different domain name for the UK domain name

TD灬Ace <[email protected]> 于2023年12月11日周一 14:28写道:

My domain name is: zhijianpeng0311

Cloudflare Registrar shows last updated date of December 5th:

But Nominet’s WHOIS lookup shows a last update of December 1st, which is also the date of registration:

It could just be a matter of the lookup results being cached. But I’ll still recommend, if you’ve not done so already, to login to your account at Nominet and ensure they have the correct data.

Use the same email address you used to register the domain to request your account details and create a password here: First time logging in or forgotten your password? - Nominet UK

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