My new A record and C Name are not reflected

Please help. I have my domain at CF. Recently moved my website to Wix so I used Pointing method to get domain connected as CF didn’t allow me to change Nameserver. Although I managed to change A record and C NAME in my CF account, it seems not reflected. (Checked with DNS checker and showing the totally different A record). There for my website is down for more than a month. Will you please help guiding me how to fix this? Thank you in advance.

Your domain ?

What’s the issue , is it not connecting to wix ? can you tell the issue more detailed

According to Wix, because the A record and C NAME are not correctly set on CF, they can not connect the domain.
Altho on my CF account, A record and CNAME are shown as the WIX provided me to replace.

Yes I see no CNAME for the Domain , Can you Share the screenshot of Your DNS Management Section ?

Wow. Did you do it? How? What did I do wrong?

Thank you so much!! I had this problem for more than a month. Finally my site is up.

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Most Welcome :grin:

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Wow I can not thank you enough. You have solved our biggest problem, thank you so much!

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Wrong Details

To say Actually I did nothing , I just Visited your Site first & it didn’t work then I Checked DNS Records of your Site & All was & good , I Visited Again then it Worked

If This Error Continues , You can Revert back anytime Here ! :grin:

This is a WRONG Information given by me Sorry for The Correct Information is Given by @user2765

@Neeraj_1 has provided incorrect information. Although this might work temporarily it can break at any time and may not be working for users elsewhere.

Wix does not support Cloudflare and that IP you entered into your Cloudflare DNS will not work for long.

For Wix you need to use their nameservers so they can keep your relevant records up to date.

If you must use Cloudflare then setting up a CF Worker is your preferred option.


Oh , I didn’t knew that

@user2765 Thanks for Correcting

I see. No one from WIX told me even I had several WIX customer support helped me with this issue… phew… I think it is the easiest to move my domain to WIX then.

Thank you so much for clarifying.

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So , This is off topic you can connect to another web host provider like InfintyFree , Hostinger

I recommend InfintyFree

Instead of WIX , try another Web-Host

@Neeraj_1 Half my posts on this forum are just in response to your incorrect answers or nonsensical auto-translations. I recommend you spend a few months reading on this community forum to improve your knowledge before making further posts.

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Ok , Definitely , but I also gave Some Right Solutions also . & Anyways thanks for correcting me @user2765

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I would like to ask where did I sent nonsensical auto-translation can you share the post link ?@user2765
& Please stop recommending me .

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