My nameservers are not being recognized from godaddy in more than 1 week

I updated my nameservers and disabled DNSSEC with godaddy
Still Cloudflare does not recognize the nameservers. How can i troubleshoot the issue?
Thank you in advance for your time.

oh the Domain is

That domain doesn’t seem to have been added to Cloudflare, where the current two name servers would be the correct ones.

Can you please check for misspellings?

For the domain name mentioned, DNSSEC is still active - and incorrect.

That part needs to be solved with GoDaddy.


Not added to Cloudflare meaning the ns are not registered correctly?
Indeed DNSSEC were not deleted… did it with godaddy support the other time thou, eitherway its done now.

You mentioned your domain name is “”.

It means that you may have attempted to add the domain to Cloudflare, but another domain name that isn’t actually yours, such as for example “” (note the missing “y”).

Therefore, I’m suggesting you to check for misspellings of the domain name.

wow… such a bummer… so sorry for that stupid mistake… So sorry to waste your time with such banality…! Truly appreciate your efforts!

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