My nameservers are accesible for hours but cloudflare doesn't see them

Google DIG website recognizes that the nameservers have been changed, but Cloudflare has not seen this for over 6 hours now. Normally it’s almost instant. Is something wrong?

Kindly try to flush the DNS cache for the “NS, SOA, A, AAAA, MX, CNAME” record for your domain (without www prefix) with help of links below:

Cloudflare flush the DNS:

Google flush the DNS:

Moreover, could be due to the TTL value of 5min-1 hour (300-3600) and up to for specific DNS records, or at least wait for 24 hours if TTL (1440) even good to wait 24 hours per SOA and NS to fully propagate.

If recently added to Cloudflare, you can go with “Re-Check now” to make Cloudflare check the NS records.

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Thanks, done.
Do you see anything strange in the DNS records?

The Cloudflare NS spelling is correct.

SOA is showing cloudflare also now but my dashboard still says it’s not connected.

dig +short ns

dig +short soa 2036398554 10000 2400 604800 3600

I still got returned four nameservers for your domain:


If not already, please remove #3 and #4 and only keep #1 and #2.

Yes, there is some mixed up thing, see here on IntoDNS:

Maybe you listed Cloudflare’s nameservers under “private NS” so you could have and VS you should list under nameserver for domain, and not private.

Are you on the Free or Paid Cloudflare plan? (maybe using custom name for nameservers - Enterprise plan)

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WHOIS at your registrar still show your old name servers. Also, keep in mind that name server changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate.

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