My mail routing is not working. Why is that?

My mail routing is not working. Why is that?


Experiencing the same thing!


Same issue here, email routing is dead for 12 hours.

Has anyone pinged support about this? I am quite surprised that cloudflarestatus still shows email routing as operational even though this is going on for 12h now

Same issue here. It’s dead for quite a while now.

Have the same problem here with my email worker:

I get this error when I try to send a mail to my server
“could not obtain a forward upstream: Failed to connect to egress transport: no usable transport”

But I don’t see any logs on the target server…

A fallback to another server seems to work partially.

Would any of you care to elaborate on what kind of issue you have?

What exact error code(s)/message(s) do you see?

… When I am testing, it seems like it is forwarding just fine:

I’m afraid there would literally be no ways for anyone, not even for Support, to look in to why the Email Routing doesn’t appear to work for you.

Especially not without (much) more context to the problem you’re seeing.

For the mention of being dead, I can conclude that it is not correct.

Thanks for taking a look.
My symptom is that sending email to my domain(s) looks like it has sent OK from the sender’s perspective, but the email does not arrive. It does not show in the email routing summary that you showed a grab from, either. The last emails I see routed through my domains was
The sender gets no error message. I don’t see any inbound email being routed (or dropped or anything else).
Is there a test I can do to provide more concrete info?

Update, one of my domains is showing an error for inbound email. (The other 2 domains no errors)
Delivery Failed
SPF status

DMARC status

DKIM status

Rejected reason:
upstream ( temporary error: Unknown error: transient error (451): 4.3.0 Failed to egress. cnhpRh34NZ3X

Now shows Cloudflare are investigating.

Finally, they woke up.

the same

Inbound email is not being routed anymore. The inbound emails just disappear, as far as I can tell!
This was working fine for months until it stopped about 14 hours ago.
The Cloudflare Support AI doesn’t seem to be able to help. reckons that Email Routing is operational. I beg to differ.

I could work around it by changing my MX records to direct email away from cloudflare, but then I lose the facility of Email Routing and I need to go find another provider.

I’m aware there are other tickets on this, but the AI suggested I post to the community, so that’s what I’m doing.

Emails to one of my domains are not being received or routed. The other domain is receiving as normal.

Seems like it stopped 14 hours ago (6:00pm Eastern US).

Sent a test email to the domain not working.

Email not delivered and no error message bounced back.

We have marked the incident as resolved: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Email Routing Issues

Any emails that were not received should be coming back now as external mail servers complete retries. Please allow some time for missed mail to come through fully.

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