My macOS safari shows cloudlfare 520 but my iPhone and other browsers work ok?

I have a domain on Cloudflare and several subdomains for various sites. I have noticed that several sites go through my WAF for /login routes and I noticed recently several of them after they pass the WAF Cloudflare reports my server responds with a 520 error? I checked my server logs and it doesn’t even see a request being made. I used HestiaCP for my control panel on a Ubuntu VPS. Nothing new was changed.

I tracked that it only affects my primary MacBook Pro’s Safari browser. My iPhone works without issue both on the same wifi network or cellular. I also tried using google chrome and it works fine using a different browser on the same machine. I tried clearing my safari browsers history and it loaded the login page a couple times and now is back to Cloudflare 520 error page.

Apparently I cannot create a ticket to Cloudflare so community is the best thing I can do. Im hoping someone might have a better idea of why Cloudflare is falsely claiming a 520 for only a single browser session?

it was this nginx line on my server:
client_header_buffer_size 1k;

increasing it worked


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