My issue is about port numbers

my friends i build my own server in home and using cloudflare for ssl and secure for my server as i am using fastpanel as a control panel for my server i am unable to access ny control panel with my domain because my control panel port number is 8888 and 7777 this two ports are used to access my control panel after connecting my websites to the cloudflare i am unable to access my control panel using domain name can anyone help me with this problem please

What do you mean by that? Are you saying you do not have a certificate on your server?

@sandro no i don’t have ssl for my server thus why i am using cloudflare after connecting my website with cloudflare i am unable to access my server control panel (fastpanel) with domain name where my control panel works with only 8888 or 7777 ports only so i need help to slove this problem

I am afraid that does not work. Before you use Cloudflare, you always need to make sure the server itself is secure. So deploy a certificate first.

Also, these ports are not supported by Cloudflare in general.

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@sandro is their any chance to make sure to work it

The port? Possibly, but that really requires a valid certificate on your server first. As mentioned, fix that first and then we can check out other issues.

@sandro i am new to this all i am learning by myself can you tell me how to install certificate in the server and how to get it

Please reach out to StackExchange or Reddit, as server administration is beyond the scope of the forum here. You can try however or also Cloudflare’s Origin certificates.

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