My ISP external IP being sent through Cloudflare?

New one Sep 20, 2021:

What’s a non-public body?

I don’t see any evidence of that. The desktop widget you describe is a 3rd party tool. You should probably ask the vendor who created it. Looks like they last updated it in 2013…

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What is happening here is less sinister than is being indicated

The Network Meter app looks like it has not been updated in almost a decade. (Last updated: 15 October 2013). The Gadget (if I unzip the .gadget file) is just displaying the content from About a year ago that hostname started to be proxied by Cloudflare. They never updated their website to account for going behind Cloudflare, by looking at the CF-Connecting-IP header, so their are showing the IP address of the Cloudflare POP.

You should contact the developer of the app to get that fixed, as @cscharff said.


Cheers. I wasn’t tech enough to see such.
Thats all I was seeking, and makes sense.
Thank you for your help.

Silly me just found the updated version of Network Meter, by another guy.

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