My ISNIC domain issue

Many people recommend Cloudflare for ISNIC.

Is it possible my ISNIC domain delegation to Cloudflare?!

I joined Cloudflare, and
Two name-server is assigned for me. /

I try to change my domain name’s nameserver to Cloudflare.
but, it was declined by ISNIC!

I heard that Cloudflare is possible to ISNIC domain name delegation.
I don’t know why it was failed.

Please help me !

They are probably upset we don’t have any nameservers with true Icelandic names like Aðalvíkingur or Guðbjörn… :wink:

I don’t know of any reason we wouldn’t support a .is domain. What error did you receive when trying to change your nameservers?

Actually did some internal investigation. This may be an issue related to reverse lookups on our IPv6 addresses. It’s currently being investigated by the dev team.

Do you know if this has been resolved?

Has this been resolved? Am also having issues registering a Iceland domaim to cloudflare ns thru ISNIC. cloudflare has data center in Iceland. Shame this is a problem.