My IP was apparently changed to some catholic website!? I literally just now installed WP (on Sitegrounds new dashboard) and activated CloudFlare

Hi. I’m hoping someone can help with this, but first, some background info. Just in case it might help:

  • I’ve been a Siteground customer since 2014.
  • Yesterday, I decided to add a new hosting plan (mainly because I got tired of waiting for them to migrate me over from cPanel to their new dashboard).
  • Prior to today, I’ve never run into this problem (explained below).
  1. Added my domain (registered with Namecheap, so i updated my nameservers there, as instructed).
  2. Installed WordPress.
  3. Activated Cloudflare in my dashboard.
  4. Logged into Cloudflare and activated the recommended settings.
  5. I type in my domain name and it automatically redirects me to some creepy catholic site -

If anyone can provide some help, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks and hope to hear from someone soone.

  • Sammy

UPDATE: Ugh… well, now, instead of being redirected to that creepy catholic website, I’m no longer redirected, but instead, this is what shows up:

If you go to the DNS settings here, click on the :orange: icons to set them to :grey: (DNS-Only) and then wait five minutes. Let us know if that correctly shows your site. It could be incorrect IP addresses, as the image indicates. They should match the IP addresses in your Siteground DNS page.

I am seeing this


I appreciate the quick response. Sorry for taking a while to get back to you (it was 2am here in CA and I’m just now getting back on my computer). Well, the good new is that the site is finally showing up correctly. :raised_hands:

But I still wanted to follow your instructions, to see what you meant, but I can’t seem to find where DNS Setting are or DNS-Only. I went to my Cloudflare dashboard, went through each of the icons, but I don’t see where DNS-Only is found. Sorry for the noob problems.

On another note, now that things seem to be working, I’m pretty much “traumatized” by what happened, and how it suddenly is no longer an issue. I’m concerned whoever the ___holes were that did this, may have embedded some bad code or malware somewhere. Is that not the case, in this matter?

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