My IP looks like it's blacklisted, JS challenge

Hello community.
We run a well known software updates manager (UCheck), and to keep version and links updated we have a set of bots that check websites periodically (a couple times a day, not really intrusive).

Last week or so, a lot of websites are suddenly returning 403 on http get, this makes me think of a global IP blacklisting at the Cloudflare level. 403 is showing the JS challenge redirect.

Is there anything that can be done for us ? Is there some kind of trust challenge we can do at the company level ? BTW I tried to open a support ticket but it looks like the form is buggy (unable to select a domain).

Thanks a lot for helping.

Do you see anything in the firewall events?

Thanks for your answer;
No it’s really not a firewall issue as I clearly see the Cloudflare challenge with a simulated query (Curl -X GET)

Also, am I the only one not able to open a ticket ? I understand this is more something that can be answered by Cloudflare team, but I am not able to.

It is not clear from your post. Are the bots being blocked by other websites you do not control or by your websites (to verify content is current)?

If the 403 is returned by other websites you do not control then it could be either the IP is listed somewhere, the website owners have a firewall rule blocking some combination of ASN/UA or it could be the website owner enabled Super Bot Fight Mode and is blocking automated traffic.

The last two cases need to be dealt with the owners.

They are blocked by other websites under Clouddflare protection.
What makes me think it being a Cloudflare global issue is that those websites started having the same behavior at the same time, and they are not linked whatsoever;

It sounds like you are being detected by one of the Cloudflare Bot Management products.

Cloudflare provides various tools to their customers to protect their websites, but I’m not aware of any global block list. However, Cloudflare do use all the data that they gather to make better decisions in products like Bot Fight Mode.

If your bot is well behaved, and identifiable, then the best action to take is to apply to be a Verified Bot

You could also ask one of the websites in question to look in their Cloudflare Firewall logs for your blocked traffic, and the log should indicate why it is being blocked.

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Thanks, it really looks like it, yes.
Your link is really helpful, I’ll give it a try.

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