My ip is suspicious so unable to access site without using cloudflare Captcha

From 3 days ago, when we surf the web home, we keep facing “One more step - Please complete the security check to access www …” to proceed to the site.

It does not matter which browser we are surfing or on what device (Windows/Iphone/Ipad/ Android).

I have contacted my ISP and according to them we do not have a shared IP address. Our IP address does not show any signs problematic activities, not even in the logs. Everything looked good according to them.

I have found out that it is related to Cloudflare. The web page somehow detects all our devices from our IP-address as potential bots or other malicious software and wants us to verify that we are humans.
My conclusions to the problem-solving guide:

Our IP address is not blacklisted on ProjectHoneyPot, however I have tried to whitelisted it anyway. It has not helped.

If I take a device from my network to a different network (another IP-address but from the same country) the validation screen is gone. Take it back to my network and the validation screen is back. Conclusion, it is related to our IP-address and we can rule out the country ban.

We are trying the same sites from a PC with Windows, Android, an Ipad and an Iphone. The validation screen turns up on all of them so this should rule out “your actions are triggering a Web Application Firewall rule”. All we try to do is to surf the web with a web browser. Antivirus software also seems pointless because all the device in our network can not possible been infected by malicious code. The validation screen turns up on all devices.

I am running out of options on how to solve it. I am really start to think that we are affected by some error in Cloudflare. What can we do to fix this?

Please help me!

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Here is some information on why that happens:

And a workaround:

Hello salemreal2002 You are not alone .
Sorry if i write here, because my ip is black listed wrongly too, and IP address is not blacklisted on ProjectHoneyPot neither.
On Saturday start all problems, i was playing, game server crashed because ddos atack, then i reconect to game and try to play again, because was impossible to play fine i stop, next day can’t to play ( atlas game) or open commun forums/ websites without capchas… right now i use a vpn program because, with my real ip is impossible to to ask for help here.
I’m not criminal, must be a false positive, please revise my ip ( please mail me for ip check) or say me what wrong activity? because i work all day and play if have some free time, no cheats, no spam, ddos is not on my mind… ¿what wrong?
Thanks on advance, regards.

I agree with you ireyesix. I have tried all options in YouTube and websites but noting happen. So, I put my question here maybe I find the answer. I hope they can help us as we are just visitor to that websites.

Thank you Sdayman for your reply.
For the first topic I have read it many times but doesn’t give the solution for my issue. and Privacy Pass I use it but for how long? I hope if you help me to avoid this problem and I will be grateful for that.

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I know you’ve done a lot to see why you ended up on the bad list, but Cloudflare’s automated decision-making process for CAPTCHAs is a secret so the bad guys don’t figure ways around it.

I don’t know how long it will take before you don’t need Privacy Pass any longer. It maybe a week or so. Though Privacy Pass is supposed to get you through that specific site for a while.

You mentioned that you tried some solutions from YouTube. Did you try turning off your ISP modem for a while and then turning it back on in order to get a new IP address?


That’s a different issue. Please start a new thread with more details. If you recieve an like ‘zone is banned’ please open a support case:

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Yes, I did
But my IP doesn’t change

Any new advice for my issue

Salemreal2002, have you check your ip here? : IP Address Blacklist Check | IP Blacklist Tool |® check red flags, there you must go each website and ask for remove your ip from black list… perhaps there are hope

My isp say to disconectt cable modem for 4 days, i’m going to 1 week for ensure, i ask about manual ip change, but they say can’t. Only wen disconect a count down start at day 4 you ip flag as avalible to other customer, but is not sure that happen perhaps is going to be same…
Regards and good luck

I would recommend reading something I posted a while back: Why am I getting CAPTCHAs? - #12 by Judge

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Hi ! I’m french and i have the same problem. On saturday my problems started too and i don’t know how i can resolve it, if someone have a solution

And in French…érification-Attention-requise-lorsque-j-essaie-de-visiter-un-site-protégé-par-Cloudflare-en-tant-que-visiteur-du-site-

But one of the solution articles isn’t yet translated:

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HI Ireyesix
I check my IP and my IP is not in Blacklist and no red flags on it.
For disconnect my cable modem, you mean switch it off for 4 days or I remove the cable from my laptop and work wifi.
Thank you in advance

Thanks Sdayman for the reply and the post translate. in ProjectHoneypot i’m in the whitelist and nothing change.
And for Privacy Pass i used this last night but it doesn’t work for the site i use (Sreamlabs i’m a Baby streamer) so i don’t know what to do after this and i try everything i saw in internet but nothing be different.
I think i’m gonna said to Streamlabs to put my IP in us whitelist so… (Sorry for my bad english i hope u will undestand me)

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Hello, i mean to turn off your cable modem’s power and also disconect coaxial cable / fiber too. In theory it work if you have semi- dynamic ip.

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Thank you for your explanation. But it is too hard to switch it off for 4 days as all my jobs from internet and need unlimited data.

4 days? Just try it overnight while you sleep, then plug it back in the next morning.

I did that but still the same