My IP is blocked

Yesterday I discovered that my home IP address is blocked by Cloudflare resulting in not longer having access to Who can take me of the blacklist?

Is that your own website? If not, you’ll have to contact the site owner. Cloudflare cant do anything.

I already contacted the people of the website and I they have checked my IP against their blacklist and confirmed me that I am not on their blacklist! Somebody indicated that Cloudflare could be of influence.

Post a screenshot.

You are not blocked, their site does not send a valid response to Cloudflare. That is still something they need to fix.


Is there anything I can do?
Due to this is currently not longer accessible for me resulting in e.g. not being able to receive automatic updates on my software and no access to the documentation.

Contact the site owner.

You can’t, the issue is on their server which doesn’t work.

Also to me it seems like that the website isn’t even proxied by Cloudflare now and has various HTTPS issues.

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