My IP is being flagged


I made a post before but I made a comment on it myself, resulting in it’s deletion.

I was about to rewrite it but I think I just found the answer.

The Ip adresses my ISP provides me with are being flagged.
I use a website and software that connects to my account on said website. For a few days now I had to fill a couple captchas every time I visited the website and the software was unable to connect to the the site.

I tried everything and I believe I have found the solution.
Apparently I am supposed to just wait until the flag expires, while not trying to reconnect with the software, triggering the flag again.

But isn’t there a faster way? I could really use the software sooner than later.

Thank you in advance.

I am sorry to hear that.
Is the IP static or?

May I ask what software?
Is that software having some “old” user-agent, or sending some old HTTP/1.0 requests to your domain?

Have you got any custom-made Firewall Rules at the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?
Or Security Level set to High somehow?
Furthermore, it could be due to the Bot Fight mode option, or if you see “browser checking” about Browser Integrity Check option.
Nevertheless, you mentioned captcha - have you enabled JS Challenge / Captcha for some of the requests/traffic maybe?

Hi, maybe it sounded a little different from what it really is.
It is a video game website, the software are third party tools that connect to the account on the official website.
It is not my website, I am only a user of it. It’s just that I have looked into many, many possible fixes, but nothing works.

Only one found, as I said, is apparently just to wait it out. But I have no idea how long I would have to wait, apparently that can take multiple days.

Could be that the software behaviour is causing this issue, not your ISP.

I am also afraid, the owner of the Website controls how other people, even from different countries (could be that he also restricted the access by country or some else way) interact with it. Or, actually is using security options available to him to protect it’s Website.

Furthermore, can you access the Website without this software?
Does it again throw captchas?

In terms of that gaming Website, have you tried clearing your Web browser cache, or by using a Private Window?
Maybe if you would use some kind of a VPN connection, could it be different?

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There are a couple hundred thousand other people using these tools with the website, they seem to have no problems with it. I have heard of other with the exact same problem as me, but for them simply restarting their router or changing their IP worked fine. For me nothing works, I have tried multiple IPs, including VPN.

I also already contacted the website’s support, they said there shouldn’t be anything wrong with my account or connection. I can fully access the website, I just have to do a captcha everytime I log in or refresh after five minutes or so. And my tools cannot retrieve data from my account.

And yes, I did look if cache or even cookies were there problem, I heard from others, specifically from asian countries that had problem with the cookies. But it also didn’t work for me.

You may need to persuade them to check the firewall log to see why you’re being challenged. The challenge page should have a Ray ID that would make it very easy for them to find that Challenge in their log.

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