MY IP is being blocked on multiple cloudflare sites - how do i remove it?

Hello - end user IT guy here. My entire company is being blocked from multiple websites with access denied with cloudflare in the test. I have reached out to site owners but it is big sites like ATT. Is there an RBL checklist for cloudflare blocked ips?

Check your IP on

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thanks - was not aware of that one - not listed there or any of the places they link to.

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This tip speaks to repetitive captcha challenges, but may give some insight/ideas as to why your users are being blocked. When I was reading the tip and your post, it felt to me like it may be a good time to run a malware scan to ensure the issue is not with your network.

Can you share a screen shot of the error/block the users are getting?

Sometime I get error 1020 access denied. Other times the captcha repeats ad nauseum.
I am looking at network scanning tools - i am getting no av alerts


The 1020 is a violation of a firewall rule, and that seems odd that a bunch of different sites would block your IP or choose to challenge access, this tip speaks to the 1020.

One suggestion not in that tip I found on Error 1020 Access Denied: find out now how to solve this problem is to check for a browser extension that blocks cookies. Quoting from the above site:

Several extensions can be installed on browsers to block the usage of cookies. Many people use this feature to browse more privately.

However, these tools can be the cause of the problem when accessing a website that uses Cloudflare. Therefore, it is important to check if there is one installed in your browser and temporarily disable it to verify whether the problem will be solved.

Another option is to contact a couple of the sites and see if you can have them check to see why they’re blocking access.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

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Have you checked your company IP at

How about using a VPN connection (having an outgoing IP address from some other country), would that give you the access to that Website(s)?

At your company, you have the static IP address only?

We surf on a static ip. I have found that my external webhost ip is on an rbl so i am working on that with fingers crossed.

But that’s not the static IP you use when connecting to websites, is it?

Their are mutiple reasons why you may get an “access denied” Errors 1006, 1007, 1008 or 1106 Access Denied: Your IP address has been banned error

Common causes

A Cloudflare customer blocked traffic from your client or browser.

Error 1006 also occurs in the Cloudflare Workers app under the Preview tab when a customer uses Zone Lockdown or any other Cloudflare security feature to block the Google Cloud Platform IPs that the Preview tab relies upon.


Request the website owner to investigate their Cloudflare security settings or allow your client IP address. Since the website owner blocked your request, Cloudflare support cannot override a customer’s security settings.

To simply, your IP, country or region has been blocked by the site owner, you will need to contact the site owner so you can be unblocked! What’s a URL you are blocked from accessing?

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