My ip does not work

Hello, I have bought a domain on another server and I have joined it with your page but my surprise is that it does not work when I put the ip, I do not know what the problem really is.

Could you be a bit more verbose please?

What does not work and where?
What’s the domain?
Any error messages?

Hello, my domain is I joined it with dns here for a minecraft server bone SRV, but what happens is that when I put the ip in minecraft:, very rarely the server comes out that is there are times what is going on and sometimes not

There is no record. Nor is there an SRV record for

Generally, all Minecraft related records have to be :grey: on Cloudflare as they cant be proxied.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records?

, El Dominio lo compre en Freenom.

You’d also need an “mc” A record in this case, as this is where your SRV points to.

Could you send me a picture of how I should leave it, that is an example, I would really appreciate it!

I’d probably avoid calling both “mc”. Create an unproxied A record for “mc” and point it to your server address. Then, rename the SRV record to “@” but keep it pointed to the current “mc” record.

At that point you should be able to connect via your domain only (without mc).

Nunca use dominios y no entiendo bien, agradeceria si me envias unas fotos de como hacerlo asi lo copio listo, disculpa que sea tan tonto ^-^.

Not quite sure what you are saying, but if something is unclear check out #Tutorials.

No se como encontrar un tutorial no se nada, solo pido unas simples fotos para copiarlo porfavor.

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