I Tried Accessing and Editing My wp-config.php file
and it keeps blocking my IP address

It keeps saying

Sorry, you have been blocked

You are unable to access (My Website)

Kindly Check the Attachment Below and I am the owner not a user

Thanks Awaiting a Positive Response

Post a screenshot of

I presume you are on a paid plan, right?

It would seem as if one of the managed rules blocks that, but the name is not available. Try tweaking a bit.

Alternatively you can also try to whitelist your IP address under

am not on a premium plan

Fair enough, then proceed with the other suggestions.

That’s not the address from the firewall events.

Before whitelisting anything, did you also check out the other advice?

please what other advice? do you mean this: It would seem as if one of the managed rules blocks that, but the name is not available. Try tweaking a bit.

yes it’s not the same IP I notice as well

Sure, have you tried that?

And yes, you need to whitelist the blocked IP address, not some other addresses.

I can’t actually, it seems to be only accessible to only pro users,

and as regarding whitelisting the blocked IP address, how do I go about that?

Well, you need to whitelist the addresses in question of course.

I’d strongly recommend to check out, as that will have all the details on that.

The requests in your screenshot seem to be all from the same B network, so whitelisting a /16 CIDR should do the trick.

That is why I mentioned a CIDR.

No, the CIDR does not require each address, but as I mentioned

You only need to specify the CIDR address and the entire network will be whitelisted. Again, read the article carefully and check out Classless Inter-Domain Routing - Wikipedia too.

to be honest, i still don’t understand the CIDR on how to implement it but I understand the idea kinda

What does the article say about CIDRs?

I also addressed it here

it worked previously but now it doesn’t work again

What, adding the CIDR?

Again, you need to make sure the addresses in question are whitelisted. Just add the /16 address and you should be fine.

no not on adding the CIDR? i don’t know how to implement it

Did you read any of the articles?

Sorry, no offence, but as spoon-feeding seems to be in order :wink:
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Thank you very Much sandro

Yes, you can delete the other addresses as this CIDR entry covers the entire network.

As for the 52* errors, you actually linked to the respective articles and I would also use the search as this is a rather common theme. Bottom line, your server does not send a proper response and you need to fix that.

If you have a particular question, I would open another thread however, as this is a different issue.