My Ip-adress and/or DNS-server got hacked


I changed my dns-server to Cloudflare dns-server since I got hacked. I used this app called Ping (which you can get on app store) which can show you all your devices, wi-fi and internet. Later on I saw that my ip-adress was connected to something called generic, which is when the hacker can connect an a new router to mine. I´m not sure if Cloudflare dns-server got hacked as well. What should I do?

The app is called Fing*.

I don’t really understand this question exactly. Cloudflare’s DNS/ is fine. If you’re using Fing and see a Generic device on your local network, it’s just a device that Fing couldn’t identify (no hostname/etc), nothing to do with a hacker.
Network Security concerns are out of the scope of this forum, but if you are worried, I would change your wifi password/router admin login, etc.

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But I know for the fact that the hacker has a second router connected to my router.

Even if that were true, this is not the right place to seek assistance.

I go it!

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