My ip address is under attack

Hello, I have a website that i host on my computer from home. So i don’t have a domain or anything. I just signed up for a no-ip address but im getting attacked. Most likely it’s DDoS Attack I tried to add my no-ip address here on Cloudflare but it did not work. I guess it only works with .com domains… But i need my site up and running because i develop websites and this is how i earn my money. If i cant get the site up and running then i earn nothing. So how can i get protection when i cannot add my site to Cloudflare? I checked the plans and noticed a free option but i dont know if that will protect me or not. So what do i do? Any recommendations?

I upload an image of the attacks that bitdefender is reporting

It reached 200 notification in less than 1 minute…

are you using CF?

I want to start using it but im not sure how since i cannot add my page to Cloudflare. I click on “Add Site” and it doesnt allow me because i have a no-ip address

Is this with your own personal domain, or are you using one from No-IP? You need a domain (not subdomain) that you control the name servers for.

Yeah i use a free domain from no-ip and i’m unable to add it to Cloudflare. I am only hosting website during the time i develop them so i don’t really feel like paying for a domain unless i have a website for myself

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You can get a free domain from and set it up here. You’ll have to manually update the IP address if it changes, or write a script to use the API to automatically update it for you.

Oh i see, Thank you ! I will give it a try

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Keep in mind that Cloudflare only blocks attack on your domain name. Attackers can still hit your IP address directly. You would have to firewall it and only let Cloudflare IP addresses in.

Ohh i see. Thats very useful. I had no idea about this. Before i got the domain from no-ip i used only the ip and i was attacked so i decided to set up a no-ip address and add Cloudflare which didnt work. So this will be very useful to me. However, i believe ports like 80 and 443 still needs to be open otherwise the website wont be public. I will read the link you sent. maybe i find info about it there

Why would you want to be on Cloudflare at all then?

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to stop the attacks ofcourse

Which attack exactly? Your screenshot appears to show some local issues and it seems it rather is an outgoing request than anything incoming. Thats something you need to fix on your machine, possibly by running a scan with Bitdefender. Thats nothing where Cloudflare could or would help you and using Cloudflare for a local development instance is the infamous sledgehammer and the nut :slight_smile:.

i have been running scan, first i used norton i tried to run a scan and id didnt find anything then i tried bitdefender and it doesnt find anything either. but these filenames doesnt even exist in my htdocs folder… i don’t have a w.php file… i tried to search for hidden files in htdocs using command line and it didnt find anything and i also tried makin a w.php file, if the w.php file really did exist in the folder i would get some notification tha i’m about to overwrite the existing file

I’d contact the Bitdefender community in this case and clarify what this message means in the first place. It really does not seem like something Cloudflare could address.

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Oh alright. Thanks. I will do that

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