My IP address is not responding and I cant receive emails


Hi, I can’t receive emails from my website and my hosting provider said:
The MX records are incorrectly updated, since ‘mail handled by’ is not resolving to any IP address. The MX records of the domain should be resolving to IP addresses XX.XX.XXX.XXX and XX.XX.XXX.XXX. Please contact the NS provider of your domain and have them update the MX records in the website.
Please, I need your HELP.




Yes, what they mean is for the NS (Cloudflare) provider to update their record so my IP address will begin to the emails. That is why I am here seeking help.


I meant what domain it is.


Thank you Sandro. The domain name is
I was away from my computer, so am sorry for the delay reply. And it is built on WordPress.


The problem is your MX record, it contains an invalid value, most likely a copy and paste error.

Try correcting setting that to the right vale (which is probably your mx host) and it should presumably work. Keep in mind though, if your mail server has the same IP address as your webserver, this would reveal that IP address.


Thanks Sandro. I have the same setting with and I dont have any problems with that domain. But i want to check again and again if there is any difference. I will get back here soon.


You dont :slight_smile: check out the MX record and you will notice whats wrong with the other domain :slight_smile:

  1. I have two MX pointing to different IP addresses and they are showing the gray color which indicate that the MX is only pointing to DNS only in
  2. But I only have one MX record pointing to DNS and proxy (CDN) in So let me correct that quickly.


I have just created another A mx record and I now have two mx record to point to different IP addresses.
I have noticed that in www.lordmatic the cloud is gray and i dont have problems with it.

So, I have corrected lifeandrelationship MX record. I hope it will work this time.


Please help me check if you can see any error.


Could you post a screenshot of your MX records?

When you click the respective value a popup should appear where you enter the hostname. That should be it.

Right now your MX record is mail handled by which is not exactly a valid hostname :slight_smile:


Ok what is the valid hostname?



Thanks. please how do I fix that?


See above please and please post the screenshot.




Ah, yeah, the MX record is incorrect, and I guess Cloudflare didn’t error trap that one:

The Server: should just be


Precisely, you need to fix that invalid hostname and replace it with the correct one. Please see my earlier response for the details.


Oh, and should be set to :grey: so mail goes direct to your mail server. Cloudflare :orange: can’t proxy mail connections. Same goes for the mail, pop, and smtp entries.

And…you probably don’t need an MX record for * (wildcard subdomain), as I don’t expect people will send mail to [email protected]