My IP address is being filtered by Cloudflare

Hello guys and girls,

So I have a Cloudflare account, run a bunch of sites, everything runs great - fantastic!

In the last few days however, I’ve found my home static IP address is having issues accessing sites protected by Cloudflare.

For example, Site A uses “under attack mode” and my browser just continuously refreshes the page, it never completes. This is happening for several sites, and I find myself unable to open a ticket with Cloudflare themselves.

Can anyone shed any advice on next steps I need to take to get this resolved?

This is usually due to a browser plugin or other setting that interferes with the javascript challenge.

Have you tried Incognito mode (no plugins) or another browser/device?

Yes on both, I’ve been tackling this for a few days and have tried every combination imaginable.

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Did you tried to whitelist yourself?

Under firewall

You an create a rule to allow yourself

It’s not a problem accessing my sites, it’s a problem accessing everyone elses sites that are using Cloudflare filtering/“i’m under attack” mode.

I appreciate the help by the way :slight_smile:

Sorry I thought the other way :wink:

Did you try — The free app that makes your Internet faster. ( to see if you can browse these websites?

What shows up on this page : IP Blacklist Check Status: Stop Spam |
Are you blacklisted?

Not blacklisted but I also don’t use Cloudflare DNS. I self host my own DNS servers.

Do you know if there’s a way to directly contact CF to have them check and clear things out?

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