My IP Address is automatically whitelisted

Hi everyone,

There is a strange behavior from Cloudflare, or maybe I miss something.
When I use my website with my IP router (both laptop and smartphone have the same behavior), it shows no SSL in the HTTP.
I have check Firewall function to make sure I do not whitelist anything.

Then I use my 4G Mobile Network to test again. It now shows HTTPS in the website.
I believe somehow Cloudflare does whitelist my router IP, but I don’t know how to turn it off. Thus, those in my apartment using the same wifi can go to my website without going through Cloudflare.

One more thing, I use the laptop on this wifi network (this IP router I am talking about) to create and setup everything.

Please help me to turn this whitelist off or other solution.
Thank you

One more thing, I use ping in terminal to check again:
My wifi with my IP: it shows my website hosting IP.
My 4G network and others’ wifi: it shows Cloudflare IP.

That sure sounds like DNS hasn’t fully propagated. How long ago did you add your domain to Cloudflare?

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Hi sdayman,
Only about 12 hours. What can I do now. Waiting for it?

I try to reset my router to get a new IP (Im using dynamic IP).
Yes it works now. I just worry about if the previous IP is somehow distributed to someone want to hack my website (extremely low probability but it is not 0%). How can I know? Or Cloudflare will fix it itself?
Thank you.

Cloudflare doesn’t “Whitelist” any IP addresses to bypass their DNS. As soon as DNS fully propagates, everybody will have to go through Cloudflare to get to your website (as long as it’s set to :orange: on your DNS page).

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