My images point to subdomain

Hi guys
Hope someone can help. My website uses Wordpress. My images ( long time since) have pointed to a sub domain.
Can I assume that this sub domain is NOT behind Cloudflare ?
Should I add this sub domain here on Cloudflare ?
If so - how?

image is on Cloudflare, just as your main domain is.

thanks for clarifying that.
I ran a GT metrix test and my pagespeed score has dropped from 80% to 15%.
All green - except images warnings on serving scaled images / and optimising.
I do that now but my most popular indexed pages serve scaled images.
Even with these warnings in the past ( pre Cloudflare) I still got a good page score.
So a bit freaked to see such a low score on images alone.
Have no idea how to fix images already uploaded and indexed.
Here’s the page:

The warnings mean that your images are unnecessarily large, and thus slow to load; Why unnecessarily? Because you’re not showing them on your site at their original, actual sizes, rather than you use HTML/CSS to reduce their side during rendering phase on the client’s browser.

This, besides not always producing nicely-looking images, is a waste of bandwidth and thus load time. So what GT Metrix is telling you, is that you should take those images, resize them with a photo editor to the exact size you display them in your HTML (GE Metrix tells you what this size is), and upload them instead of the existing file.

Once you do that, images may still be cached on Cloudflare’s servers (if you chose to leave the file name as-is) - so you’ll need to either wait for the cache to expire, or purge the cache through Cloudflare’s dashboard. Or just choose a different name for the new files. Two of them won’t make sense to leave the file name as is, because the file name contains the actual dimensions of the image, which will of course change after you resize them down.

thanks Shima for such a detailed reply.
My worry has been, that in replacing the current image I would lose Google visibility for those images, as they draw in many visitors.

It would still be the same images, just smaller ones. There aren’t many choices here - you can change the file names of the new images, and replace the HTML - we can’t know what Google will decide to do (get the new images eventually or not). If you want the tool to not complain, you’ll have to resize the images :slight_smile:

I think I’ll just scale them in WordPress and leave it at that. At least it should speed the page up a bit.
Thanks for your time. The Cloudflare community truly rocks

I am unsure what WordPress scaling entitles, but:

If it’s changing the HTML, nothing will be sped up: The same file, at the same size, will be downloaded.

If it’s changing the actual file, then it’s not different from resizing with a photo editor as I wrote above (and then you have your Google concern).

Actual resize vs. Google concern is your unavoidable tradeoff…

well I’m trying the so called scale function within wordpress image editing. It declares the image to be a new size.
But not sure if this is actually the case with the version of that image already inserted in the post.

You can right click on the image in the post, and select the option to view the image. If your browser then tells you it’s larger than the size you “scaled” it to, then it has done nothing, and is in fact what GE Metrix is complaining about - that the image was not really resized to the size you’re showing it. If the whole purpose was to make it smaller so it will load faster - that will not happen, and you can revert to the original size…

I’ll keep working on it and update this post if I come up with a solution.

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