My images are not being converted to WebP

Hi there,

I have a where is using Cloudflare.
In “Speed” I see “Polish” and WebP is marked, I’v purged cache to activate this. 24h has passed, and Google Page Speed Insights tells me that I need to compress jpeg images to jpeg 2000 or WebP.

I though Polish would do that. Am I wrong?

WebP conversion works, but with caveats:

  1. If the original format is more efficient, Cloudflare won’t convert it to WebP
  2. WebP is only delivered to browsers that advertise they accept WebP
  3. The image retrains the .jpg extension, but it’s really WebP.

If you post a URL, we can take a closer look.

Thanks sdayman, here it goes, its on “oportunities”, item 5:

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