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Hello everyone,
My domain is hosted with Godaddy, my server is hosted somewhere in Canada it’s a small unknown company called Cyberia Hosting.
I still didn’t get how the hosting works. how can I get my server connected if I changed the DNS to Cloudflare? My hosting is not listed in any of the companies listed on your website.

I’ve added my domain to Cloudflare but didn’t change the DNS in Godaddy yet, Not sure where to go from here?

Appreciate your support,

You’ll need to repoint the NS records for your domain (within GoDaddy) at Cloudflare (CF). When setting up the domain within CF, you’ll be advised of which NS records to use.

Once you’ve repointed NS records, you’ll be able to control DNS from within CF - i.e. to point all traffic for ‘’ at the IP address of your server.

Good luck!

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DNS is like a phone book. You’ll want to make sure all of the DNS records were transferred / copied to Cloudflare before changing your nameservers. But once done the pointer for where your phone book lives changes from GoDaddy to Cloudflare.

By default we will still give the same answers that GoDaddy did … for go wherever here happens to be.

When a record is then orange clouded (proxied by Cloudflare to provide CDN/ DDoS/ Other Cloudflare features) we change the public phonebook answer for to a Cloudflare IP address, but based on the DNS settings you have in your control panel we then forward those requests when necessary to your private unlisted phone number specified in your DNS contol panel.

Those were some horribly mixed metaphors, but hopefully it makes sense. :wink:

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Thanks guys you’re awesome!
Actually, I went and changed the DNS in Godaddy, things worked well, but I wondered why I’m not getting the https with my domain although the Crypto option is set to ‘Full’ in my Cloudflare, so I changed the website URL in WordPress settings, from http://mysite to https://mysite then the site stopped working at all. Still trying to figure out that as well.

Is there anything in this regards that I got to do? is there any settings in my WP or hosting that I need to change so I can get the https working? my domain is

Based on what I see when I visit the https version f the site I think you should reach out to the folks at Cyberia Hosting and ask them to check the web server config for your domain. I assume you want the same site showing for both the http and https versions of the site, but looks like the config they set my need to be modified.

If you set SSL/TLS to Full (which is good) you need to make sure the host can serve the site with SSL. Typically folks use an origin certificate supplied by Cloudflare. But you’re free to use another vendor, such as geotrust/etc).

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I use Charter Communications web hosting and when I add Cloudflares DNS, Charter doesn’t give me the option to delete their nameservers. I am stuck at Cloudflares DNS not active(DNS modification pending). How do I work around this.
Thank you