My hosting required to install ssl while I m using cloudflare free universal ssl? Is cloudflare’s ssl is not working or did I miss smt

My domain is :

I couldn’t test my website on Cloudflare’s testing page because it doesn’t have a testing box or section.

I migrated my website to a new hosting company and they wanted me to install ssl on website, but I m already using Cloudflare free global ssl. I installed ssl on server end and website started to work. My question is why do I need to install ssl on my hosting while my Cloudflare free global ssl is active? I want to use Cloudflare ssl actually.

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Cloudflare Universal SSL secures traffic between your visitors and the Cloudflare proxy. The certificate on your host’s webserver secures the traffic between your webserver and the Cloudflare Proxy. If you will be routing all of your web traffic through Cloudflare, you can use a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on your webserver.


Thank u.

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