My host needs a copy of the Universal SSL cert

Hey everyone!

My host is telling me that they need a copy of the Universal SSL cert so they can get one of my subdomains to work. Does that sounds right? If so, is there a place I can download it or request it?

What’s weird is I have various subdomains hosted with them. They all work except for one. All of them are proxied through Cloudflare DNS. So, seems weird that one doesn’t work and the others do, and that getting a copy of the SSL cert would help.


Not really. If they just need the certificate they can easily access it, as that is publicly available anyhow.

But they are probably rather referring to something to install on their server. For that you can use any publicly trusted certificate (e.g. Lets Encrypt) or Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates →

Thanks @sandro Let me try that and get back to you.

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Thank you @sandro That worked.

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