My host has asked me to update my A record on Cloudflare

How do I do that?

Please see this tutorial:

Thanks. They’ve just asked me to update. I don’t see any way of updating … just automatic and various times ie. 2 minutes etc

I presume they have given you an new IP address to update to, if so just click on the current IP in the record and change it to the new one.

No. It’s the same IP address. The site has been down most of the last 24 hours because there was “An Error Connecting to the Database”. They say they’ve solved it and the site will work once Cloudflare upate my A record.

If it is the same IP address, there is nothing to update, I have never seen this before… I am really not sure what they mean!

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Thanks for your time. I was confused

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I AM confused :wink:

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Thinking about it, it sounds like maybe your host doesn’t properly understand Cloudflare (I wonder if they did a lookup on your domain, saw the Cloudflare IP instead of theirs and thought there was something wrong!!!). You could try setting the A record to :grey:, checking everything is working without Cloudflare enabled and then changing back to :orange:

It would also allow them to troubleshoot if it still doesn’t work, set to :grey:.


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It doesn’t work when set to grey cloud either. I’m back talking to Bluehost support

Ok, they will be the only ones that can help as when set to :grey:, Cloudflare is not involved…

Thanks. I now have the confidence to give them a bollocking

Much appreciated

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