My host cant find the correct DNS

Every time i put the Cloudflare DNS in to my hostmasters DNS thing it keeps finding the old DNS and not the new ones. I contacted them and they said i should contact Cloudflare for help since they cant do anything about it.

Old and New ones of what?

Your DNS page at Cloudflare should have the same DNS records as shown at your web host.

Is your website working?

I’ve uploaded some pictures that will hopefully better explain it than i can. The problem is that it finds the old nameservers instead of the new ones. The nameservers that i have from Cloudflare

and yes it works

Ok, so you want to set new name servers at your registrar. They’re currently set to unoeuro.

You want them set to ali and rocky. But your registrar won’t let you. I’m disappointed they say they can’t do anything about it. They should let you put whatever you want in there, but they’re not. Cloudflare doesn’t control what your registrar lets you do.

Can you ask them to set the name servers for you?

I have tried but they simply said that it was Cloudflares fault

This is the rough translation of the massage i recived form customer support

"If you look at the DNS and see the same name servers for authentication, then there is a setup error through your providers.

Try contacting your service provider for assistance.

We can not set up the server so we can not help you here."

By the way this problem happend when i took over the site from the previous owner.

I don’t like that support response. Again, they should not care what you set for your name servers. They might think you’re supposed to use the old Cloudflare name servers and won’t let you pick new ones.

I’m going to call out @MarkMeyer. Maybe he can handle this in German.

Dont know if this is me being dumb but could i change the nameservers from here
(it says “add new DNS record” in the yellow box)

No, sorry. Those are not what WHOIS uses to tell visitors which name server to use.

Thanks for mention.
Sure we can continue in German unless @daniel10 ‘s German is better than my Danish.:flushed::hugs::joy:

UNOEURO is in charge here. They need to change the servers for your domain as they are responsible for the zone.

When I tried to change the nameservers for my .de domain my host (Host Europe) advised to change the Admin and Zone-C to my own personal data through their control panel Why ever. As long as their handle was active for my domain any changes to the name servers were reverted immediately without and warning. But they should have told you to do so if this would be necessary.

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Oops. Dk, not De. Off by one letter! Good thing you’re smart enough to catch that.

Oh. To be honest, I started with German.
until I did a whois :joy:

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The problem is i have tried contacting unoeuro and they say that they cant do anything either.

Buti guess i should try agian this time telling them what you have told me or what??

From my point of view you need to push them, yes. Nobody else can change the nameservers.
If they don’t allow customers on specific plans to change them, they should tell you.
If there are any special requirements (as for me): they should tell you

If they refuse to do you may try to contact the DK Hostmaster.

Otherwise I’d think about changing the host.

Oh, wait:
why are there four different Cloudflare nameservers?

I believe the domain was set up under a different Cloudflare account with the old two name servers. Now on the new account, he needs the two new Cloudflare name servers instead.

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That is correct

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